Black & Beige Luxury Aesthetic Minimal Font Logo (300 × 57 px) (1931 × 1087 px)
A branding project for a Swiss IT company, Atheia. This project involved creating a sophisticated and modern brand identity that reflects the company's innovative and tech-focused approach.
Copy of Visibix
For Visibix, an e-commerce shop, the project involved crafting both a compelling brand name and a distinctive logo. The aim was to create a cohesive and memorable brand identity that effectively captures the dynamic spirit of online shopping and appeals to a wide range of consumers.
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This project entailed designing the brand identity for SOS-Schlüsseldienst. The focus was on crafting a reliable and professional image that communicates trust and efficiency in their services.

Branding for Oh My Masks, a beauty company, was centred around creating an elegant and inviting brand presence that appeals to beauty enthusiasts and reflects the quality and essence of their products.